Project Description

Lisa Apolinski, CMC is the CEO of 3 Dog Write, a company founded in 2012. She is quickly becoming one of the top digital growth experts in the world. Her book, Weathering The Digital Storm, is used by businesses globally. Her book, Persuade With A Digital Content Story, was named one of the top content marketing books in the world. Her book, Grow Your Market Share In A Zombie Apocalypse, provides a business survival guide. She has been featured in Forbes and The New York Times for her expertise on digital marketing and has been dubbed “America’s Digital Content Futurist”.

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TOPIC: How To Persuade With A Digital Content Story

Most companies want to create content, but their content falls flat. Most companies think they are storytelling when they are selling. Most companies focus on the wrong types of content and messaging. Most companies have not positioned their digital content for the future.

The session will have an introduction, followed by Lisa’s origin story. She will then lead the audience on a journey into persuasive storytelling, including a deep dive into the presenter’s 6-Step Digital Content Story Formula. Next, she will explain how the roles in a story impact digital engagement and how to choose from the 8 Great Hollywood Stories. Examples of repurposing digital content to make it a persuasive digital story will also be reviewed. The session will conclude with final takeaways and is meant to be interactive.

3 Audience Takeaways

  • Participants will walk away with a roadmap of how to use the 6 Step Digital Content Story.

  • They will be able to correctly apply key roles in their digital story.

  • They will be able to revise their current digital content to shift to persuasive storytelling.


Weathering the Digital Storm
Grow Your Market Share in a Zombie Apocalypse

Reviews for Lisa

“Lisa lays out the path for how to create powerful digital content using a proven formula. Lisa shows how storytelling can work for everyone.”

Tom Searcy, Author of Bestseller: How To Close A Deal Like Warren Buffett

“Lisa provides content that is simple, succinct, wise and overflowing with captivating examples of stories for business. She provides guidance to succeeding in the world we now inhabit.”

Michael Hauge, Hollywood story and business expert

“We had Lisa speak to our global executive forum in NYC. Lisa brings both her expert knowledge and an approachability to her presentations. Her messaging clearly resonates with attendees and they engage with her naturally. She provides a professional energy with clear to dos that attendees can implement immediately. I would recommend Lisa for any keynote where you want a dynamic thought leader who will transform your attendees and your conference.”

Scott Hamilton, President & CEO, Executive Next Practices Institute @ UCI