Project Description

Jon Lakefish is a seasoned marketing and branding expert with over two decades of industry experience. Renowned for his deep insights into consumer behavior and a fervent passion for innovation, Jon has spearheaded marketing initiatives across various sectors, significantly enhancing brand presence and engagement.

A leading figure in the integration of AI in marketing, Jon is frequently invited to speak at industry events, offering engaging, insightful perspectives on AI’s role in transforming marketing landscapes. His consulting services are sought after for empowering businesses to leverage AI, boosting their efficiency and creativity in brand growth strategies.

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TOPIC: Integration of Artificial Intelligence Into Our Daily Lives

A.I. (artificial intelligence) platforms are constantly popping up, and many of them can and should be used to help increase your brand’s productivity while minimizing mundane tasks and decreasing costs.

Many companies, CEOs, Start-Ups, and business leaders are afraid to experiment with A.I. I’m here to share the best platforms and how easy they are to use. Tailored to specific industries and updated regularly with all the advancements in A.I.

In this presentation:

  • We will review some of the best AI platforms that are available for you to use.

  • We will interact with some of the platforms in real-time, so attendees can see how they work.

  • We will also look at some current brands that are using AI saving them time and money in the process.

  • Lastly, we will discuss the pros and cons of using AI and have a lively conversation that includes comments from the audience.

Reviews for Jon

“Regardless of how the rest of the presentations go, Jon’s presentation made the price to attend this conference well worth it!”

Nancy, VP Marketing, Puroclean

“Of all the presenters we saw over the course of the past two days, Jon’s keynote was the most valuable.”

Pratibha, Corporate Trainer, Coast CA

“I was able to take the information you provided us with about ChatGPT and immediately implement them into my daily routine.”

Eric, VP Operations, Aderra