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Eric Papp has amassed over 15 years of hands-on experience “in the trenches” as a management trainer. During this time, he has specialized in converting real-life case studies into actionable strategies for better management practices.

He is also an accomplished author, having written four books that delve into various aspects of management and leadership. Additionally, Eric holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Notre Dame, which underpins his professional expertise and academic grounding in the field.

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TOPIC: Collaboration Culture: Together we go further

Successfully working with others is an acquired skill. Embrace collaboration and break free from the limits of individualistic thinking. Those who believe they can do it all on their own often hit a ceiling. If multiple people do that, the result is frustration, isolation, and competition.

A collaborative culture is when people ask for help and work together. They switch from “How can I do this?” to “Who can help me?” It’s about leaving egos at the door, coming from a place of contribution service, and using strengths to go further together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhance cross-silo communication

  • Overcome the mindset of rugged individualism

  • Strengthen trust through humility in action

  • Discover the value of healthy conflict and crucial conversations


Manage Promises Not People, Eric Papp
Manage Promises Not People
3 Values of Being an Effective Person
3 Values Of Being An Effective Person

Reviews for Eric

“Eric did three sessions for us at our 2024 annual conference. He took the time to learn about our industry. All three sessions received high evaluations from our members, and Eric was great to work with. I highly recommend him.”

Jeff Winston, Education Director, NAFDMA

“In my 35 years of organizing training and hiring speakers, I’ve never encountered someone who summarizes their fellow presenters’ work as generously as you. Your ability to synthesize and present information is outstanding.”

Tom Fry, The Mosaic Company

“You Nailed it! Hiring a speaker for our members with valuable content is a challenge and you were outstanding.”

John Mckay, Founder and CEO of FLAG