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Pandit Dasa is a keynote speaker, mindfulness expert, author and former monk. His speeches aim to create a more mindful workplace culture which increases productivity and improves retention. He encourages leadership and co-workers to prioritize self-care and appreciate and celebrate the success and contributions of others. This attitude fosters trust, enhances teamwork and greatly impacts the overall health and culture of the organization.

Some of the organizations he has spoken to are: Google, NASA, London Stock Exchange, Citibank, IBM, AT&T, State Farm, Federal Reserve Bank, Kellogg, Cadillac, Nationwide, Whirlpool, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, AMC Theatres, Intel, Novartis, JPMorgan Chase, The World Bank, World Government Summit, SHRM Oracle and many others.

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TOPIC:  Mindfulness and Resilience: Tools for Managing Change and Stress in the Workplace

The growth and overall success of an organization is defined by its culture and leadership. A positive workplace culture enhances teamwork, collaboration and morale. As a result it boosts employee engagement, efficiency and retention.

This presentation will address the importance of creating an environment where ego battles aren’t driving the company down and where individuals are willing to put aside their own self-interest for the sake of the greater good. It encourages an environment where individuals are willing to appreciate the contributions of their co-workers instead of feeling threatened by them. The research on mindfulness and its application for the workplace will also be presented.

3 Audience Takeaways

  • Create a mindful future of work, foster positive social connections and a sense of belonging at work

  • Encourage and support mental, emotional and physical well-being in the workplace

  • Create a culture of appreciation and mindful communication


Closing the Apps
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Reviews for Pandit

“When uncertainty is around us due to the Covid, when we realized that each day is more important to work on our mental health, appeared Pandit Dasa in our lives. What a pleasure to have listened to you during this year, to have attended your mindfulness session, to get your tips to feel better. In my case you have been a true help and also I have extended to my family and 3 kids with our mindfulness and fun sessions at home. THANKS Pandit for inspiring and helping us to improve our mental health. Kellogg’s takes very seriouly this, as people is in the center of all and is our competitive advantage, that’s why we have asked Pandit to help all our Kellogg Employees Globaly. I recommend it to all the companies and individuals. ”

Susana Entero Diaz, Kellogg Corporation

“Pandit was a presenter at our recent Project Management Day at AbbVie. In addition to the changes brought on by the pandemic, our organization has also undergone many other changes, including a merger. Pandit’s presentation was a welcome balm for all of us who need to take a pause during a busy time, get some perspective, and practice some self-care. The sense of healing and relief from his presentation was almost palpable. His background story is really interesting, too.”

Laura Pelehach, PMPLaura Pelehach, PMP Project Manager-Strategic Global Labeling at AbbVie Pharmaceuticals

“Pandit set exactly the right tone for a recent event my team and I created for leaders in the HR and talent attraction space.

His keynote on mindful leadership was inspiring. Pandit emphasized, among other things, that “self-care isn’t selfish,” adding that it’s important for leaders to “lead by example, not just in how you perform in the office but also in your own self-care and wellbeing.” After his keynote, many of the attendees at this event told me how much they appreciated Pandit’s keynote, quoting several things he said back to me. Pandit closed his keynote with a group meditation as well.

Along with inspiring, Pandit is warm, accessible, and has a good sense of humor — all the qualities you might want from a keynote speaker!”

James A. Martin, Executive Director IT Service & Delivery, Piedmont Hospital Systems