Project Description

As a communication and messaging expert, Neil Gordon draws upon his extensive experience helping small business owners, experts, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs to attract others to their vision. Neil is a former member of the editorial staff of Dutton, now a division of Penguin Random House, and has ghostwritten multiple books for major publishers like HarperCollins and Hay House.

He has been featured in media outlets like Forbes, Fortune, Inc., NBC Palm Springs, WACH Fox 57, and KTLA, and is a VIP contributor for Entrepreneur.

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TOPIC:  The 7-Second Sales Pitch

What if something you said in under 7 seconds could make or break whether you land a new client? Most businesses believe they’ll convert prospects by providing information about their offer. When someone asks, “What do you do?” or “What does your company do?” they simply tell them. But prospects aren’t interested in your offer. They’re interested in the transformation your offer will help them to get. And the 7-second sales pitch is a way to promise them that transformation in only a sentence. With it you will differentiate yourself from your competitors instantly and get the conversion.

3 Audience Takeaways

  • Distill their entire methodology down to a 7-second, value-driven sentence.

  • Craft a 30-second elevator pitch that will differentiate themselves from the competition.

  • Apply their 7-second pitch to a proposal or short presentation.

Reviews for Neil

“Neil’s content and workshop delivery is professional and engaging. His expertise in leadership, communication and messaging allows him to serve our nonprofit community well.”

Leah Jacobson, Director, Nonprofit Learning Lab

“About 60 – 70% of my audience schedules consultation calls with me after my speech is finished.”

Laura Alamery, Real Estate Investment Mentor

“Before retaining Neil, my company was gaining slow traction, but at a pace that felt very disproportionate to the clear needs of the time. Neil changed the pace and trajectory of everything. My company’s services are actively sought by organizations and institutions that were previously dismissive. My retainer with Neil has an ROI of 10x in my most recent quarter alone.”

Kemia Sarraf MD, CEO Lodestar Consulting & Executive Coaching