Project Description

Ed Latimore is a former professional heavyweight boxer, a competitive chess player, and a bestselling author with a B.A. in Physics from Duquesne University. He is currently working on his next book, “Hard Lessons From The Hurt Business: Boxing Lessons in Risk, Relationships, and Reality,” set to be published by Penguin Random House in 2025.
Ed’s writing focuses on self-development, realizing your potential, and sobriety — all of which he approaches from personal experience, overcoming poverty and addiction
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TOPIC: Hard Lessons From The Hurt Business: The Importance of Measured Decision-Making

Ed Latimore uses his experiences growing up in the hood, overcoming addiction, professional boxing, and earning a physics degree to teach the decision-making framework that changed his life. By learning negative visualization, risk assessment, and strategies for incremental change, participants will be empowered to create meaningful improvements in their personal and professional lives. He provides actionable insights on recognizing problems, building courage, and maintaining motivation through stoicism and street smarts.

Participants will leave the session able to:

  • Apply negative visualization techniques to improve decision-making and outcomes in relationships and business.

  • Recognize when a situation requires change and demonstrate the courage to take corrective actions.

  • Use the concepts of expected value and risk assessment to make informed decisions in various contexts.

  • Create a plan to make incremental changes in the present, based on lessons from the past, to achieve significant future goals.

  • Develop strategies to maintain motivation and persist with a plan, even in the face of delayed results.

Reviews for Ed

“Ed Latimore spoke to my students in the Larry H. and Gail Miller Center for Entrepreneurship. The entire time he spoke, Ed was in command of the room and the students were wholly absorbed by his words. His talk was great for young entrepreneurs but is relevant to any group with obstacles to overcome. Outside of the talk, Ed was highly personable and approachable; happy to take pictures with students and taking an interest in them. Several students have personally thanked me for Ed’s visit and the impact it had on them. I personally had high expectations for Ed’s talk, and my expectations were exceeded.”

Tyler Stillman, Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing and Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at Southern Utah University

“Ed Latimore came to Southern Utah University as a featured speaker for our Eccles APEX program. Our students, faculty, and staff were fully engaged as Ed told his story and explained the life lessons he has learned over his career. Ed was generous with his time and spoke with anyone who approached him. He communicated graciously and thoughtfully to the whole audience and to each individual. Ed exceeded all our expectations and is interactions with our community were overwhelmingly positive. He gave us many many things to think about.”

Ryan Paul, Assistant Professor of History - Southern Utah University

“Our audience loved your talk and the boxing workout you gave and getting to meet you.”

Mike Ponticelli, VP of Sales at Bisnow Media