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Gerald J Leonard offers a unique productivity approach to accomplishing more every day. Gerald J. Leonard PMP, PfMP, and a C-IQ Coach; he’s the Publishing Editor, CEO, and Founder of the Leonard Productivity Intelligence Institute, as well as the CEO of Turnberry Premiere, a strategic project portfolio management and IT governance firm based in Washington, DC.

Gerald is also an Author, TEDx Speaker, Management guru, and, importantly, a Bass player. He brings all these traits and skills into his presentations and interviews. Gerald is the author of A Symphony of Choices (A Business Parable), Culture Is The Bass, and Workplace Jazz.

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TOPIC: Workplace Jazz: Creating High-Performing Agile Project Teams

Explore the rhythmic parallels between jazz improvisation and agile methodologies in this musically integrated keynote presentation. As a professional jazz musician, Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach, and certified business consultant, our speaker brings a unique blend of expertise to the agile landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to infuse agility into team dynamics, drawing inspiration from the improvisational spirit of jazz musicians.

  • Understand the neuroscience principles that underpin effective agile decision-making and collaboration.

  • Gain a strategic blueprint for developing connected and high-performing project teams.

  • Acquire practical tactics to initiate and sustain a culture shift within your organization.

  • Elevate your agile coaching skills with real-life examples and case studies.


TEDx Talk

Culture is Bass, Gerald Leonard
Culture is Bass
Workplace Jazz, Gerald Leonard
Workplace Jazz
Symphony of Choices, Gerald Leonard
A Symphony of Choices