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Recognized by ABC, MSNBC, and TEDx, Jen Coken is an internationally acclaimed comedian, coach, speaker, and Imposter Syndrome expert. Jen has coached nearly 10,000 leaders in the last 30 years in the public and private sectors.
She has a vision of a world of people at home with themselves — where everyone is recognized, appreciated, and known for their unique contribution. She empowers women executives in male-dominated industries to lead with more authority, influence, and impact. Fortune 1000 CEOs to seven-figure Founders trust Jen to shake things up with no apologies, no limits, and all the laughs.
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TOPIC: Make Imposter Syndrome Your Superpower: How to Lead With More Authority, Influence and Impact

This engaging keynote equips ambitious female executives with practical strategies to transform self-doubt into confidence. Through humor and relatable stories, attendees will learn to harness Imposter Syndrome as a strength, leading with greater authority and impact. Discover actionable steps to overcome procrastination, embrace achievements, and enhance self-perception. Join us to gain tools for lasting personal and professional growth, empowering you to break through barriers and thrive in male-dominated industries.

Participants will leave the session able to:

  • apply practical strategies to transform self-doubt into confidence

  • demonstrate greater authority in their leadership roles

  • recognize and overcome procrastination

  • embrace their achievements fully

  • use humor and relatability to enhance their personal and professional growth

Reviews for Jen

“I have worked with over three dozen keynote speakers in less than three years and working with Jen was one of those experiences I will never forget. From our original conversation to prepping on-site, Jen was attentive, focused and prepared to execute on time, always. What I enjoyed most about Jen is that she asked the most insightful questions and though she was speaking as a Keynote, she did not want me to lose “Embracing the ridiculousness” of life as the event Event Organizer. As a Keynote, Jen received wonderful reviews from attendees who enjoyed her authentic and personable demeanor. So from attendee to event organizer, you will be sure to not be disappointed.”

Vanessa Velasco, Senior Manager, WE Local, Marketing & Events, Society of Women Engineers

“Jen Coken is the superstar keynote speaker, full stop. Her combination of insight, vulnerability, and insane wit totally sucks you in from the moment she steps on stage. Every audience member walked away feeling like they’d be gifted a mentor, friend, and advocate for living a courageous and full life. Out of five stars, this woman is a solar system.”

Whitney Williams McDuff, Founder & CEO, Proteus Consulting

“Jen is high-energy and funny. She helps people identify the barriers that are holding them back, overcome them in a few minutes, and then she puts them to work. If you’re looking for somebody to create transformations for your audience, I highly recommend Jen Coken.”

Steve Harrison, CEO, Quantum Leap Publicity and Marketing

“Jen is a speaker worth hearing. I’ve attended dozens of conferences, coached hundreds of TEDx speakers, and heard thousands of speakers. Jen sleuthed a silent truth about showing up authentically in telling a tale, delivering an idea, and showing the process underneath the progress. Her talk scores on so many high performing levels.”

Kat Haber, TEDxVail Organizer