Project Description

For almost thirty years, Rahti Gorfien, PCC, ACCG, has been coaching scattered and overwhelmed creative professionals. She helps her clients focus so they can grab the focus of others, get seen, and make money doing what they love.
Rahti has been recognized three times by as one of the 15 Best Life Coaches in NYC as a professionally certified career and ADHD coach and was recently recognized as one of the Top ADHD Coaches by Coach
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TOPIC:  The Five Emotions That Stop Success in Neurodivergent Creative Individuals – And How to Overcome Them

As in her new book The Five Emotions that Stop Success, Rahti demonstrates how many neurodivergent creative entrepreneurs and artists are stuck because of negative emotions that don’t allow them to stay in action.

Join Coach Rahti to learn what they are, and how to apply their antidotes!

Participants will leave the session able to:

  • Separate their actions and sense of self from negative thoughts and emotions

  • Act on what they want regardless of how they feel by directing their attention more effectively

  • Count on themselves to follow through on plans and strategies


Five emotions that stop success, Rahti Gorfien
Five Emotions that Stop Success