Choose Your Plan

Lead Generation


  • 10-25 leads per hour within your chosen industry, including first and last name, phone number, email, LinkedIn account and event link.
  • Digital Promotion

Lead Generation Plus Representation


  • Lead Generation
  • Negotiations, Contracts, and Meetings
  • Digital Promotion

Lead Generation Plus Lead Handover


  • 1st call for ok to Email and Follow-up Call Introduce client to the lead.
  • Client takes over their own negotiations and contract
  • Digital Promotion

Digital Promotion Only


  • Featured on Speakers Catalog.
  • Social Media Shout-Outs and Re-posts.

Additional In-House and Affiliate Services

  • Book Publishing
  • Website Audits
  • Website Design
  • One-Sheet Design
  • Video
  • Script Writing
  • Call for Speakers Submissions


“Owning and running your own consulting business can be challenging.  When you are the business, everything falls to you. I was referred to Prather Marketing and they’ve been a great help. Immediately after signing up, I found myself with a hardworking and caring team. They actively look for opportunities with associations, corporations, and many different groups. If you are looking to expand your business, Prather Marketing can help.”

Anthony Metten, MA/PCC

“If you’re a Consultant, Coach, Speaker, or Author looking for a full service marketing team whose sole goal is to keep you BOOKED, then Prather Marketing Services is for you! From completing RFPs and calls for speakers, hunting down endless publicity opportunities, to negotiating contracts worth your Value, Prather Marketing allows you to spend time doing what matters most to you- Helping Others.  If you’re ready to put your personal brand marketing on autopilot so you can do MORE of what you love, contact Prather Marketing today!  I’m glad I did!”

Dr. Lydia Hughes-Evans, CEO, Author & Speaker
“I have worked with Nona Prather as my marketing agent for 5 years.  She is professional, thorough, gracious, and considers my good fortune to be her good fortune. You will not regret working with my friend Nona.”
Gary Sheely, Founder and CEO of 1Eighty Consulting, Associate at The Safety Institute

“Nona is a rare combination of persistence and rapport. We recommend Nona and Prather Marketing to all our authors who want to speak professionally. She helps with the heavy lifting of targeting the right opportunities and professionally making an outreach on your behalf. Business development is a team sport and you want Prather Marketing on yours.”

Henry DeVries, Best-Selling Author & Ghostwriter | CEO of Publishing Co. | Columnist at

“I have worked with Nona Prather for more that 5 years have always found her to be professional and all my clients say she is a joy to work with on projects. She is responsible for booking thousands of dollars of speaking and consulting for me. I will continue working with her as long as I am in the business of speaking and consulting.”

Carl Potter, CSP, CMC, Safety Speaker, Author, and Advisor

“My experience with Nona and Prather Marketing has been positive. The team is diligent in finding leads, calling them, and following up. Once they have worked the lead, they provide it to my team so we can continue to “drip” on the prospects who have already given us permission to stay in touch. These types of marketing services do not always deliver immediate results but it’s critical to have a “marketing machine” in place and working in the background – in addition to the other forms of speaker marketing that we do. Diligence and patience pay off and Nona landed a great deal for me. I remain patient and know that will happen again soon. One more critical point: Nona’s team has done an incredibly good job of accepting feedback. Collaborating with me to adjust the marketing correspondence they send out on my behalf, as well as fine tuning the way we define, find, and work leads are important examples of what makes her a particularly good partner. Thank you for your hard work.”


Joel Block, The Advantage Player, Bullseye Capital

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