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Aleya Harris is the spark for your spark ™. A trailblazer in purpose-driven story crafting, she is a former marketing executive and ex-Google Vendor Partner who brings a wealth of experience to her role as the CEO of The Evolution Collective Inc. Her unique approach as a Strategic Storytelling Consultant has revolutionized the way businesses communicate, transforming workplace cultures and market positioning.
An international award-winning speaker and StoryBrand Certified Guide, Aleya is the host of the award-winning Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast. With her dynamic energy and proven approach, she guides clients to unlock their potential, articulate their authentic stories, and achieve unparalleled success.
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TOPIC: Crafting Cultural Change: The Transformative Power of Radically Authentic Storytelling

Are you grappling with a corporate culture that feels stagnant, disconnected, or resistant to change? Many organizations face the challenge of navigating cultural shifts and fostering inclusivity and innovation within their ranks.

In this interactive keynote, Aleya Harris will guide you to discover how the art of radically authentic storytelling can be a catalyst for cultural change, driving inclusivity, innovation, and purpose. Through real-world examples, engaging anecdotes, and actionable insights, Aleya will give you tangible tools to understand the profound impact of storytelling and tell you how to embrace it in your personal life and organization to shape a brighter future.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Art of Cultural Crafting: Uncover the principles of crafting a culture that reflects your organization’s values and aspirations. Understand the critical role of storytelling in driving change, fostering inclusivity, and transforming corporate culture.

  • Radical Authenticity in Action: Explore the concept of radical authenticity and discover how it can revolutionize your approach to leadership, communication, and cultural transformation. Learn how embracing vulnerability and authenticity can drive meaningful change.

  • Creating Inclusive, Purpose-Driven Cultures: Delve into case studies and success stories of organizations that have harnessed the power of radically authentic storytelling to create inclusive, purpose-driven cultures. Gain practical strategies for using storytelling as a strategic tool for cultural change.

Reviews for Aleya

“The difference between Aleya and other presenters is her energy and charisma. She is a total gem! Aleya has a panache for delivering nuggets of strategy layered in warmth, connection, and a dash of humor.”

Courtney Wolf, Educate | Empower | Encourage

“Aleya takes time to research the audience and deliver content that is a match for their needs.”

Michelle Loretta, Be Sage Consulting

“Queen took it to church! She was thorough, happy, knowledgeable, pleasant, pretty, professional. You name it!”

Sheree Norford, Tranquil Wedding Vows