Project Description

From the Croatian orphanage to the world stage, Jonathan has over a decade of experience delivering impactful keynotes and workshops to colleges, universities, non-profits, and corporations alike. With a lifetime of experience as a congenital quad amputee, seasoned Paralympic swimmer, accessibility designer, and inclusion consultant, Jonathan brings a worldly perspective unmatched.

Alongside his mission of Using What You’ve Got and Components of You, his unique outlook and determination serve as a model: we are all more than any one of our characteristics.

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National Speakers Association CSP Certification
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TOPIC: BEATING THE ODDS: The Components of You

Advocacy starts with you. I am your personal guide for Diversity, Access, Inclusion, and motivation. Through truly embracing the components that makeup who you are and engaging what you’ve got within, together we can shift that path from cannot to can. Removing the external barrier through internal reflection will help align your morals, ethics, and values with your organization’s mission. 


Guiding your audience through fun and engaging stories from my own personal life experience of overcoming obstacles, this motivational speech will energize and allow the audience to reflect on pivotal moments in a person’s life. An optional interactive workshop component can be weaved inside this hour-long program. 

Audience Takeaways

  • Understanding the Components of You

  • Looking internally at what you have versus looking externally at what you don’t

  • Reflecting on key moments in a person’s life

  • Advocacy starts from within

Reviews for Jonathan

“Jonathan came and spoke at a business conference and did INCREDIBLE! While he’s typically in a wheel chair, he actually went directly on stage, out of his chair and was one of the most energetic, motivating & engaging speakers I’ve ever seen. The audience was captivated by his story and his presentation skills kept everyone not just captivated, but engaged. Jonathan’s an exceptional presenter with a hell of a story!” 

Sarah Feldman, Owner of Rogue Wave Marketing

“I had the pleasure of experiencing Jonathan speak in late 2021. Jonathan has such a magnificent energy about him and my attention was glued to him. He completely captivated me with his stories, messages and physical abilities. He is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met in my life. If you have the opportunity to listen to this man speak, consider yourself fortunate!” 

Lauren Kiefer, Owner of Jack Kiefer Heating & Air

“I have been fortunate to know Jonathan for some time through various networking functions. It has been nothing short of inspiring to see him take the entrepreneurial ‘leap’ and build Split Star from the ground up. But then something happened that shifted my perspective of who Jonathan is his purpose. At an ActionCoach Growth Club event last year, I experienced one of Jonathan’s keynote speeches…. …and was blown away! Knowing what someone does through their description is SOOOOO much different than experiencing their craft first-hand. Not only was I completely engaged/engrossed/drawn into his performance, but I unknowingly received a first-hand account of what DEI means…in the real world! Not just a definition in a brochure, but what it feels like to challenge (and conquer) a world that most take for granted. It is a story about a winning spirit that overcame (and continues to overcome!) more obstacles than most could conceive.I don’t want to give too much away. If you are thinking of hiring Jonathan for a workshop or keynote speaking event, just do it! I cannot recommend Jonathan and SplitStar Productions enough! You will not be disappointed.” 

Sean Stockman, Financial Advisor at WestPoint Financial Group