Project Description

David Filar is a creative director and footwear designer with a decade of experience in the fashion, design, and arts industries. He has worked with global brands such as Nike, Patagonia, the US Military, and a multitude of celebrities and athletes. Dave has spoken on stages from Milan to Toronto and in front of high schools and universities such as FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).
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TOPIC: The Art of Being Alone

‘The Art of Being Alone’ takes the audience on a creators journey through the current loneliness epidemic, how to leverage alone time to fuel creativity, and offer take-home tactics for in-life implementation of change.
In today’s volitile working environments, creators (in any medium) don’t talk enough about feeling lonely and how that can affect their personal or professional life. The conversation touches on keys to leadership, building meaningful relationships, and how to find your pursuit of purpose through the time spent alone.

Participants will leave the session able to:

  • apply 5 new methodologies on how to lean into their alone time to generate creativity, leadership skills, and find a sense of purpose

  • have a new framework around loneliness, how it can or has already affected their lives, and how to plan for a more communal future.

  • empathize with their colleagues, peers, and educators on how we’re all struggling with loneliness in different ways

Reviews for David

“He freely shares his creativity with students and has a great way of encouraging them to open up. He invites the students to experience his work from inspiration to finished product. I’m grateful to David for being a great storyteller and enhancing my students’ experiences”

Trish Ng, Adjunct Professor - Wentworth Institute of Technology

“David is purpose driven; his conviction in executing his vision is held by exceptional standards – a characteristic in which he never gave me a reason to second guess.”

Ann Duskus, Teacher & Creator - Duskus Studio

“David has brought a different perspective to my students with the design process, how to achieve success in the industry, and having fun while doing it. He is very committed to passing on wisdom and knowledge to those who are interested”

Kevin Rivera, Professor - Fashion Institute of Technology