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Jason Ferguson is a Los Angeles native and former student-athlete. He earned a full football scholarship to the University of Hawaii and was a part of their only undefeated season in school history.
Today, he is a passionate keynote speaker and senior sales leader in tech. Throughout his life, Jason has battled several bouts with adversity – two ACL tears in the same knee, overcoming opioid addiction, and enduring the violent loss of a close friend. Through it all, he has embraced the power of perception. His journey is constantly enriched by the love of his college sweetheart, Apryle, and his daughter, Zsa Zsa, who are a constant inspiration.
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TOPIC: The Gift of Adversity

Life presents us with setbacks, challenges, and obstacles, both personally and professionally. Perception of these challenges shapes our path to growth and success. Surprising statistics: 80% of human thoughts are negative, and 95% are repetitive, leading many to fall into the “rabbit hole” of negative thinking, hindered progress, and self-limiting beliefs.
In this talk, I offer a different solution – the power of Pathological Optimism. I share practical steps and inspiring stories that demonstrate how changing the lens through which you see adversity leads to transformational results. By recognizing that the obstacle is the way and understanding that perception shapes reality, we unlock tremendous opportunities for growth. Let’s add these critical tools to our tool belt and shift from “why me” to “why not me.”

Participants will leave the session able to:

  • Recognize destructive patterns of negative thinking in real-time – and how to pivot immediately
  • Apply tools to analyze challenges/set backs for hidden windows of opportunity
  • Identify skills the audience currently possess that will transfer beautifully from the field/classroom into the corporate world


Reviews for Jason

“When I think about Jason, I think about transformation and how he shares that dynamic possibility with his audience. He is able to connect with people, wherever they are.”

Colin Coggins, Bestsellinauthor of The Unsold Mindset

“Ferg’s story is amazing and the best part is he still has chapters to tell! If you are looking for an authentic, passionate, and charismatic speaker, this is your guy.”

Cliff Smith Sr., NFL veteran and Pro Bowler, Tampa Bay Buccaneers