Project Description

Carey Conley was born and raised in Denver, CO. She now splits her time between Arizona and Oklahoma to spend time with her Daughter Laurel 27 and grand-son Pryce 1. Carey’s experience of growing successful sales and marketing businesses for 20 years while raising her kids is an achievement on its own. She now owns her coaching practice Infinity Corporation for over Ten years and has helped hundreds around the country and the world gain momentous success. She also co-authored a Bestselling book called ‘Keep Looking Up’ in 2019.

Carey Conley’s personal story is full of extraordinary success and devastating tragedy. She lost her husband and son to suicide 3 years apart and was able to be strong for her daughter and to live her purpose that became her driving force. Those are the experiences that bring power to her message and help others achieve what they never thought was possible. Carey found her passion and ability to help men and women create, develop, and execute a rock-solid, bigger-than-life vision that propels them to succeed in all areas of life, including self-love, financial prosperity, a healthy lifestyle, caring relationships, a strong family, supreme confidence, and spiritual connection.

Carey Conley now travels the world and the country to Virtual and Live events helping men and women professionally and personally build their self-empowering skills by using her vision methodology. She shows them how to shed past pain, fear, and hardship, in order to manifest a beautiful life that’s within reach.

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TOPIC: Today is Your Someday – You Just Need a Plan

In this talk, Carey shows men and women personally and professionally how to stop drifting through life waiting and ‘hoping’ things will come together. She helps them finally take action steps that are simple to follow to reach success.

Carey Conley uses her vision methodology to give truth, clarity, and guidance for immediate results.

Your Attendees Will Learn How To:

  • Write their vision for all 7 areas of their life.

  • Create a blueprint to achieve those goals.

  • Overcome the roadblocks they face and where they get stuck.

  • Use a consistent action plan and celebrate the smaller milestones.


Visions is Victory

Reviews for Carey

“Carey is phenomenal. Not only does Carey have such compassion for others, but she is brilliant in the way she guides the attendees into creating their own personal visions for the next 5 years. Carey presented at a 3-day event that I hosted in 2021 and the reviews of her workshop were off the charts. She has a way of employing personal belief so the attendees know it’s possible to achieve and bring their visions into reality”

Colleen Biggs, Peak Performance Business Coach, Speaker, Author, LEAP Community Leader

“If you are looking for a speaker that really connects with your leaders, is relatable, experienced, engaging, and helps people make big shifts in a short period of time, Carey is that speaker! In my organization, she has done virtual and retreat workshops on having a very powerful, clear, and fulfilling vision as a leader to make the greatest impact on the people that they serve. Her exercises are unique and move people both emotionally and professionally to a better version of themselves.”

Linda Fisk, CEO of LeaderHERship Global

“Carey spoke at the 2022 Women in Trucking Accelerate! Conference Expo and we received so much positive feedback from numerous attendees that we have invited her back in 2023! She offered an abundance of valuable insights on life balance and was incredibly engaging with the audience, which included women and men from all walks of life and career backgrounds.”

Courtney Bloom, The Women in Trucking Association