Project Description

Chris is an Amazon best-selling author, a 7-figure entrepreneur, and the Founder and Principal of his own financial services firm which he started in 1999.

He has helped tens of thousands of people, internationally, to overcome their resistance to change and to create more success, peace and impact in their lives.

Chris speaks from his own experience of being on the edge of financial ruin, business failure, and divorce. He shares the secrets that allowed him to avert the potential disaster and transform all areas of his life.

Chris leads and trains hundreds of agents across the US and has helped over 17,000 people become more financially literate and experience financial relief.

With his latest book and speaking series “Think and Grow You”, Chris is focused on helping driven entrepreneurs break through plateaus in their growth by learning how to get out of their own way and take their success, peace, and impact to the next level.

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TOPIC: Making the Move from Stuck to Success

If you’re a team leader or meeting planner looking to create a powerful event for your organization, Chris’ll show your group the tools and strategies that worked for him.

Your attendees can apply them immediately to achieve life changing, limitless results.

People who have attended Chris’ events have reported experiencing a refreshing sense of authenticity and sparks of inspiration. Many have felt as if Chris was speaking directly to them, and left the room with renewed energy, focus and a new lease on life.

Audiences will walk away with:

  • Concrete steps to get out of their own way

  • How to get unstuck and get on the path to level up their lives.

  • Inspiration to take the steps to change their lives.

In this brand new, transformational book you’ll discover solutions to problems and issues that keep people stuck.  These strategies are pragmatic, straightforward and compiled in a way that the book will be an ongoing growth resource for you.

In Think & Grow You we cover 5 pillars:

  1. Get Out of Your Own Way
  2. Get Clear on What You Want
  3. Relationships
  4. Game Plan
  5. Shift

You can choose to read cover to cover, or just pick the topics that most resonate with your situation to get my proven, real-world answers to some of life’s toughest challenges.

Think & Grow You