Project Description

As a deeply creative spirit with sparkle in her soul, Suzanne Castle recognized early on the importance of art to capture our attention. The joy-filled ability to recreate the world and allow it to glimmer anew – the “sparkle factor”™ – is a necessary and too often neglected piece of our humanity and thriving. Suzanne’s desire is to call to life the creative spirit in herself and others, to invigorate and leaders as they lend their essential vision to the way we see the world.

Her road, like that of most artists, has been neither straight nor narrow. Her own sparkle factor has had to sustain the complexities of loss, disappointment, reinvention, and time. Recapturing the glimmer in her soul has taken years of patient practicing, sometimes failing, sometimes stubbornly repeating the simplest truth – staying stuck is never the solution. 

Suzanne returns again and again to the spark in a room full of dreamers. The possibility, the presence and crackle of that magical rewriting of what could be, is the zing that keeps her creative spirit alive. It is her joy to foster this space for others, through one-on-one coaching, group retreats and events, speaking engagements, and stargazing. Suzanne connects the constellations of her own winding story to draw us closer to the creative spirit shining within us all. 

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Imagine the world in a different way. Suzanne will help you and your organization with breaking through the hum-drum and seizing new opportunities.

Bring in THE SPARKLE FACTOR to lead your sales meetings, and rock your event stage with humor and interactive content! Suzanne will leave your group engaged and ready to imagine and create new possibilities for any sized event or team!


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Reviews for Suzanne

“Suzanne is who you need in your life to inspire you and connect to those things in your life that bring you the most passion. She will help you identify a creative path to help you achieve your goals! Suzanne is a burst of energy that ignites your soul! Call her today to begin your transformation!”

Melahni Ake, CEO Everyday Leaders

“Suzanne Castle is an absolute treasure! Her energy, passion, warmth, and spirit will leave your audience feeling supported and empowered. She has presented multiple talks for the International Association of Women community and always receives incredible feedback from our audience. Her story is inspiring and relatable, and her advice is always actionable. Plus, She’s organized, efficient, and prepared — an event planner’s dream! You can’t go wrong booking Suzanne to support your event!”   

Megan Bozzuto, President, International Association of Women

“Super creative! Super energetic! Superpower! If you are looking to stretch the limits of your awareness, looking for a high demand speaker or desire a coach who will help you transform the way you think and lead, Suzanne will guide you toward new amazing and creative possibilities!!!” 

Brad Milford, Executive Sales Consultant