Project Description

Cecilia is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial savvy, leadership expertise, and a background in performing arts, to the stage. Drawing from her own experiences, she helps leaders of virtual teams improve productivity, optimize performance, and attract and retain top talent from a global pool.

Cecilia offers insights into the complexities of leading virtual teams and motivates her audience to embrace a productivity-focused mindset. Your audience will be inspired to approach leadership in a more effective way and be equipped with the tools they need to lead their virtual and hybrid teams with confidence

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TOPIC: “PRODUCTIVITY ANYWHERE” Unlocking Success with Virtual and Hybrid Teams

The talk is about the prevalence of virtual teams in modern work and the challenges that leaders face in managing them effectively. Cecilia is a successful entrepreneur and business executive with over two decades of experience. She will provide practical skills and insights to the audience on how to manage and motivate remote teams. The talk aims to help audience members embrace a “productivity anywhere” mindset and drive success regardless of their team’s location.

3 Audience Takeaways

  • Walk away with an understanding of how a change in leadership mindset can transform your business, optimize results, and allow you to stay competitive in today’s modern workplace.

  • Apply three winning methods for improving communication on your virtual teams.

  • Discover three proven techniques to ensure that your team develops trust, connection and cohesion.


Unlocking the Secrets of Remote Leadership
The Great LeadHERship Awakening

Reviews for Cecilia

“Cecilia has proven herself to be one of the best leaders, visionaries, and motivators that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is a skilled and clear communicator who leads by example and knows how to motivate people to work hard toward a common goal.”

Kathy Stafford, former Destination Manager, Smart Destinations

“I recently worked on a project with three companies in a virtual environment. Communication and coordination were difficult, but with Cecilia’s help, we were able to improve alignment, increase efficiency and launch successfully. Her techniques were effective and made an immediate impact on our progress”

Susan Black, Former EVP and CMO, American Express Vacations