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Jen Loving is CEO of Engaging Speakers, a successful business coach, a best-selling author with seven books, and a philanthropist.

She has been featured on, ABC News, and the Chicago Tribune. Jen has been mentored by speaking icons like Jack Canfield, Nick Vujicic, and Sandra Yancey, and has spoken on stage to over 10,000 people.

With two decades of business experience, Jen built her first 5 businesses to 6 figures each, all in under a year and all different industries. She has helped over a thousand entrepreneurs build their businesses with many reaching 6-figure and 7-figure revenue.

Jen has an innovative and down-to-earth speaking style that audiences love. Jen is most proud of founding her own international non-profit “Handing Hope” which brings comfort and smiles to children battling cancer in thirteen states and four countries worldwide.

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TOPIC:The 6 Figure Solution: 3 Secrets to Add Six Figures to Your Business in the Next 12 Months Guaranteed!

Do you want to increase your business by 6 figures in less than 12 months, but you do not know what’s missing to generate that growth? Jen Loving has built five different businesses to 6 figures each in different industries and each in less than twelve months. Learn her 5 secrets to transform any offline or online business into a revenue-generating machine.

Participants will leave the session able to:

  • Identify EXACTLY what they need to do to add 6 figures to their business in the next 12 months


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Reviews for Jen

“In my 4 + years as Managing Director and Speaker Coordinator with eWomen network Phoenix/Scottsdale, Jen Lovings talk was by far the most impactful and engaging. There was a buzz in the room. Every single entrepreneur in the room signed up to connect with her. I’ve seen her do this at multiple speaking engagements. If you are looking for a speaker that will WOW your audience invite Jen Loving. She is amazing!”

Karen Millerwise, E-Women Managing Director and Speaker Coordinator

“Jen is someone who will leave a lasting impression on your audience. She is inspiring, very relatable, and comes packed with value that our members absolutely love. Highly recommend!”

Lisa Levin, Co-Founder Co-Op Network

“I have been working with Jen for just over a year to help establish a new Functional Medicine practice. Doctors are not good business people and so Jen’s role was crucial in the growth and development of my practice. She took from the first stages of getting a name for my practice to marketing material and marketing through speaking and in less than a year, my income went from $8,000 to $60,000 MONTHLY! I now enjoy time and freedom – two things that Jen promises to deliver and indeed does! I would highly recommend working with Jen to any new entrepreneur especially if you don’t like learning by trial and error and wasting precious resources of time, effort, and money!”

Lela Iduna, M.D., IFM Certified Functional Medicine Physician