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Cody Hand is a life-long risk taker and boundary pusher, encouraging others as they delve into their inner strengths to achieve more than they had ever imagined. His legal background equips them with the necessary tools to guarantee that the life they have chosen to construct remains as resilient as possible.

His extensive experience in guiding business leaders through the journey of recognizing their value, constructing a portfolio of achievements, and securing that success has led to an extraordinary level of growth.

At Cody Hand, LLC, they are committed to challenging assumptions to make certain that every decision made propels their clients to reach their highest potential in both life and business.

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TOPIC:  Crisis Proof Your Business: Protect Your Success.

Cody talks about the six boxes every business needs to check in order to grow daringly yet responsibly. Those steps range from proper legal protections to crisis and succession planning.

Participants will leave the session able to know the steps needed to protect what they have built while continuing to grow.


Reviews for Cody

“Cody delivered practical, actionable steps we can take daily to become the light shining inside us. He is relatable, personable, and informative as a speaker. I could listen to his wisdom all day.”

Kerra Bolton, Akumal, Mexico

“Cody knows how to quickly gain respect from his audience and bring them into his teaching. Very energetic with hand, body presence and a message that everyone can relate to- Imposter syndrome! ”

Robin Eisenbeis, Pittsboro, North Carolina