Project Description

Mary Mason, MD, MBA, FACP is known as a leadership expert as well as a champion for developing young minds to make a career in the healthcare field. She is a healthcare innovator and leader executive with experience in international and rapidly growing environments.

Dr. Mason currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and Founder for Little Medical School, an award- winning educational organization and franchise with offices in more than 60 locations worldwide focusing on healthcare workforce development.

She is the former Chief Medical Officer for Centene Corporation, a Fortune 25 company that provides government-sponsored healthcare programs focusing on under-insured and uninsured individuals.

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TOPIC: Thinking Like a Physician When Addressing Business Issues

A physician and a successful business executive have much more in common than initially meets the eye. The demanding world of medicine means doctors must make educated, compassionate, and decisive decisions quickly and free from paralyzing emotion, especially when a patient is not doing well. A sophisticated leader, when faced with crisis in the business world, should take a page from medical school training, and approach such issues in the same fashion, diagnosing and treating the problem with the same skills as a highly trained medical professional.

3 Audience Takeaways

  • Improve skillset for decision-making

  • Put emotions to the side

  • Bring compassion into decision-making


Reviews for Mary

“Great talk for anyone who is in healthcare!”

Jennifer Griffard, COO Little Medical School

“Any audience would take someone from this talk… something for everyone…”

Carol Goldman, Former CAO Centene Corporation

“Mary is able to bring these lesson home in a way that you are confident in using them after this workshop”

Glen Schuester, CEO of Vedapoint