Project Description

James Barrood is a prominent figure in the tri-state region’s entrepreneurial, innovation, and tech ecosystem, with over 20 years of experience in nurturing and supporting startups, growth companies and higher education institutions. He leads a global community of 10,000+ entrepreneurs and innovators, and also oversees executive education programs focusing on AI.

James has held various leadership positions, including five years as CEO of TechUnited, one of the largest and most respected membership tech organizations nationwide. He has also led FDU’s top-ranked entrepreneurship center for over a decade, where he mentored and trained countless entrepreneurs and innovators.

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TOPIC: AI [ChatGPT/Generative AI]

Discover the boundless horizons of Generative AI in this keynote, where Jim will unravel its transformative potential across industries while addressing the pivotal challenges it presents. Delve into the ethical considerations of deepfakes and misinformation, as well as the technical complexities of model training. Through real-world examples, he will outline steps you can take so your organization can stay ahead and avoid disruption from this new technology.

Learning Objectives:

  • Transform your company or organization by cutting costs and increasing growth.

  • Talk will offer tips and next steps you can take to leverage this new technology.

  • Speaker will also offer guidance on some the downside risks relating to cyber security and misinformation/deepfakes which are surging.

  • Steps will be offered to help protect your enterprise.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation