Project Description

Jason is an incredible role model for students everywhere. After overcoming adversity in his own life, he has gone on to inspire thousands of students to do the same for the last 2 decades. His ability to connect with students and communicate powerful truths makes him undeniably one of the most impactful youth motivational speakers for teachers & students.
Jason can be a valuable asset to your staff by helping them truly connect with some of their most challenging students. He’s a champion for all students & his work will continue to benefit future generations.
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TOPIC: Overcoming Adversity “Elevate Your Life School Program”

“Elevate Your Life” serves as a means to address the significant emotional, social, and semantic blocks that impact students.

Students will learn how to stop focusing on the negativity around them and instead focus on the positive things, like who they want to become and where they want to go in life. They will learn the value of building the right relationships, how to set good boundaries, how to become a good friend and student, and how to ask for help. They will learn the value of their teachers, coaches, and parents. Students will learn how to align their priorities so they can remove distractions and create momentum in their lives. They will discover how to take one next step at a time towards those goals.

They will learn how to think about themselves and life in a more positive light, gaining the confidence to step into any arena and flourish, all characteristics known to elevate academic performance, increase attendance, and raise classroom participation.

Participants will leave the session able to:

  • Analyze, recognize, and replace unhealthy, negative thoughts they have about themselves with positive ones that will move them closer to both student success and their goals in life.
  • Assess their relationships and make better choices that will help them both be better students as well as choose relationships that will help them grow and become the best version of themselves.
  • Discover both the value and the art of good decision-making.

Reviews for Jason

“Jason‘s story was very moving, inspirational, and had a great impact on our students. I am so glad he came to our school to do an assembly and he left making a difference.”

L. Peña, School Counselor, Los Coches Creek Middle School

“Jason Queen has poured his heart and soul into helping our youth see their full potential to elevate their lives with their everyday choices. His speech is motivational and inspiring. He uses his story and other compelling examples that will inspire all to create experiences to ensure students not only succeed in school but lead meaningful lives.“

B. Garmo, Administrator, Montgomery Middle School

“I had an opportunity to see Jason speak at the school that I work for. WOW 😉 Jason is very inspiring, and real, and covers just what our students need to hear. The timing for this program was perfect. I witnessed Jason making great connections not only in the whole school talk but also the next day when he took to the classrooms individually for a follow-up in a smaller setting. These teens listened and took notes. I highly recommend this program to any school or youth program. I am so inspired by this work. We need more of this in our schools.”

D. Garcia, Educator, Los Coches Creek Middle School