Project Description

Mike Nelson is Motivational Speaker, Author and Minister. Mike, travels the country speaking at K-12 Schools and Colleges. Mike shows students how to become their best selves academically and personally through his motivational/ educational presentations.

You should hire Mike Nelson because Mike can show your students step by step how to become their best selves academically and personally. Mike shares his story of growing up in the inner city, overcoming obstacles, a bad school system, and an absentee biological father. Mike walks students through his framework of how he went from an inner city failing student to a successful Master’s degree student. Mike shares principles that he’s learned that have helped him overcome adversity and reach over 100,000 Educators and Students.

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TOPIC: Student Success

This presentation help students to become their best selves academically and personally. Mike Nelson will deliver a one hour assembly/keynote for students using is SCHOOL framework.

Audience Takeaways

  • Students will be able to learn how to overcome adversity

  • Students will be able to learn how to become their best selves academically and personally

  • Students will learn how to use adversity to their advantage

  • Students will learn how to be able to stay disciplined

  • Students will learn how to become and stay highly motivated

Reviews for Mike

“Mike Nelson came to our school with his Student Success Tour School Assembly, it was dynamic and engaging, our students often ask when is Mike coming back”

Alicia Dougherty, School Counselor (Academy Park High School)

“We invited Mike in to work on our students leadership skills. He was engaging and broke down leadership in ways that students enjoyed”

Murray Edwards, Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions Coordinator (Michigan State University)

“The communication amongst staff increased greatly having Mike Nelson come in and show us how each of our personalities plays a role in how we understand each other and communicate”

Dr. Durmus, Principal (Vision Academy Charter High School)