Monthly Industry Tip

How to pitch your speech to a meeting planner, once they’re on phone.

  1. Ask if they have time for your call, if not, ask when you can call back. If now is a good time then you can proceed.
  2. If you know someone from their organization or if you attended their event in the past, say that. Tell them how their event or conference has impacted your life and how it’s made a difference.

You’re trying to build a relationship. You don’t pitch your services on the first meeting.

What to do instead:

  • Inquire about the event
  • Ask specific questions that can be answered quickly.
  • Keep it short.

For example, you could ask, “When will you be taking speaker applications for the upcoming XXX event?”

Lastly, Thank them for their time and follow up with an email.

Monthly Industry Tip

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Team Spotlight

Nona Prather is the Owner of Prather Marketing Services, LLC. She specializes in setting up marketing plans for professional speakers, through phone calls, email campaigns, social media, and marketing materials.

She has worked in marketing for 10 plus years and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business Management. She has worked with Speakers Bureaus and individual speakers.

Nona also enjoys road trips and has a goal to see all the National Parks in the US.