Hello! We are Prather Marketing!

Hello! We are Prather Marketing!

We promote speakers and help event planners book talent!

We promote speakers and help event planners book talent!

Prather Marketing Services is a team of researchers and marketing experts for professional speakers, comedians, consultants and more.

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How Prather Marketing Got Started

My name is Nona Prather and I own and operate Prather Marketing Services along with my husband Brandon.

Most of our clients are professional speakers. We market clients through several different avenues such as phone calls, email campaigns and social media management.  I have worked in the speaking industry since 1992, when my Dad, Carl Potter, CSP began his own speaking business. I spent countless hours promoting my dad through phone calls, emails and mailings.

Then in 2017, My Dad and I started The Safety Institute where we represented and helped safety speakers find paid speaking gigs. Working closely with speakers and consultants over the past 30 years as taught me that every speaker needs a supportive team and that is exactly what we at Prather Marketing provide.

As a result of our work, we have seen clients:

  • save time and energy so they can focus on their strengths;
  • develop stronger presentations that inspire and motivate; and
  • find new audiences they had never considered.

On a personal note, last year my husband and I sold all our belongings, including the house and moved into a Travel Trailer full time so we can travel around the US as much as possible.

Nona Prather


Nona Prather is the Owner of Prather Marketing Services, LLC. She specializes in setting up marketing plans for professional speakers, through phone calls, email campaigns, social media, and marketing materials. 

She has worked in marketing for 10 plus years and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business Management. She has worked with Speakers Bureaus and individual speakers.

Nona also enjoys road trips and has a goal to see all the National Parks in the US.

Brandon Prather


Brandon Prather is Co-owner of Prather Marketing Services, LLC. He specializes in research and sales.  

Brandon has worked in sales management for over 12 years, won multiple sales awards, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. 

Brandon enjoys spending time with his family and dogs camping at the lake. 1st and foremost he’s a ‘Girl Dad’ through and through.

Beth Schmidt


Beth has more than 30 years’ experience in Marketing, Communications, and Non-Profit Development.

Her background has included executive leadership training, public speaking, grant management, strategic internet consulting, and writing.

She has worked for Public Service Company, Williams Communications, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, and the non-profit Teach For America.

Beth has a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Marketing, and Speech from the University of Kentucky.

Personally, she enjoys golf, cooking, gardening, camping, music, and cats.

Alleigh Lawrence


Alleigh is a student in the honors college at the University of Oklahoma. She is working towards her Bachelor’s degree as a double major in International Business and Spanish. 

She will be assisting with email and phone outreach for all current clients.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and playing soccer and volleyball.

Carol Ybarita

Lead Generation

Carol holds a Bachelor in Science and Hospitality Management. She worked as Housekeeping Associate and Administrative Assistant in the industry for 3 years, and then shifted her career and worked in BPO for 2 years as a Customer Service Representative.

She will be assisting in leads generation and contact outreach for assigned clients.

She spends most of her time hanging out with church friends. She loves singing and playing volleyball. Her favorite thing is being involved church ministry.

Grenz Villager Gumadan

Lead Generation

Grenz is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, but she found a passion for the Freelance world.

She has been working as a VA for 7 years and has experience in social media management and admin tasks. She assists with finding leads and phone call outreach.

She personally enjoys being a part of church ministries, having coffee with friends, and journaling.

Shiela Marie Panerio

Lead Generation

Shiela is a Cum Laude graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management from the Asian College of Technology.

She will be assisting in leads generation and phone outreach for assigned clients.

She enjoys cooking, baking, traveling, attending church, and sharing her faith. Her favorite things include Matcha flavored milk tea, blueberry cheesecake.

Rose Anne Raganas

Virtual Assistant

Rose has accomplished a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Management. She’s been in the field of sales and marketing for 2 years, and she has experience in call centers working with technical and email support. The pandemic opened the doors for her to become a virtual assistant.

In her free time, she loves to discover coffee shops and restaurants. She wishes to become a flight attendant, read books, go for adventures, and most especially love God and people!

Chelsea Pano

Lead Generation

Chelsea graduated cum laude at Cebu Normal University. She was able to work her dream job in the BPO industry. One year later, she pursued the profession of being a teacher.

She entered the freelance world without knowing how it works but she really enjoys continuously learning every day.

She loves almonds, coffee dates, traveling with the people she loves the most, and, most of all, she delights in participating in church ministry