Project Description

Dr. Susan Nicholas is a physician and surgeon who after a conscious awakening, transitioned her life and founded a Conscious Media Company. She is a four-time author, international speaker, and podcaster. Her speaking platform is The Frequency of Money, where she inspires audiences to positively transform their relationship with money.

Susan is a TEDx presenter on “Money Consciousness: Overcoming Generational Poverty”. Susan’s perspectives and works have been featured in Yahoo! Finance, The Associated Press (AP), HuffPost, Authority Magazine, Conscious Life Journal, SWAAY Media, The Native Influence, TEDx, Forbes Books Radio, FOX News, and NBC8 “Ask the Doctor”.

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TOPIC:  Positively Transform Your Relationship with Money

All the money in the world has not solved the global issue of generational poverty. Could our deeply held feelings and beliefs about money hold the keys to breaking the cycle? Everyone who uses money has a relationship with money.
Perhaps healing your money story, or your foundational relationship with money is the catalyst needed to live a life that you deserve and love.

3 Audience Takeaways

  • Participants will leave the session able to recognize patterns, cycles, and belief systems that are often handed down generation to generation, that are likely influencing their financial health today.

  • Participants will leave the session able to apply meditation, breathing, and affirmation techniques to positively transform their emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

  • Participants will leave the session able to use conscious yet practical techniques to handle life’s most pressing challenges.
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The Duality of Being

Reviews for Susan

“I’ve been on my self awareness journey, but I’ve never been here. Reading your book was instrumental, Dr. Susan. Learning about the human constructs mad me removed the blinders from my eyes…I’ve leveled up and leveled up and leveled up. I can’t tell you what hasn’t changed from hearing your speak.”

Natasha Sharma, Founder Body Speak India

“The way Dr. Nicholas explains money’s relationship to our beliefs, thoughts, and actions is done with a level of skill rarely seen.”

Dr. Jose Bey, Berea College, KY
“…Dr. Nicholas’ work has allowed me to deeply understand why unconsciously I would build my own barriers to financial success.”
Vanessa Morgenstern, Head of International Business Development at DOSE OF COLORS