Project Description

Ron Davenport is a technologist and music lover who is always looking for the next interesting fact to share or a game to make. He’s the host of Fun O’Clock™ shows and events and is something of a goofball who loves to bring fun and joy to others. After working 24 years in corporate, Ron knows first-hand how company culture is key to keeping team members engaged and productive, which is why he focuses on helping workplaces where play and happiness are needed the most. He’s on a mission to make the workplace a little more fun for everyone.

Sample Game Show Features:

Twisted Trivia
Emoji Puzzles
“Mob Rules” surveys

Book Ron For Your Event


“I hired Ron to provide a virtual game show experience for my company’s Christmas party. My team is spread throughout North America, and so it felt overwhelming to figure out how to bring everyone together and have fun, instead of an awkward ‘social hour.’ Ron created a great game show for the team and everyone loved the event! It brought us all together on a cold afternoon in December. The tech was easy to understand, the team had fun – what else could you ask for? Definitely worth the investment.”

Michelle Cooper, Owner, Alchemy Accounting

I was fortunate to have experienced Mind Tip Games with Ron Davenport not once, but twice! And all I can say is WOW!! 🤩 Unexpected surprises, laughter, and fun competition! I highly recommend his services to any corporation/business! What a great way to formulate bonds, team building and more. Ron makes it so much fun with surprise twists and turns. You must experience it yourself!”

Kari Schwear, Owner, GrayTonic