Project Description

Noam Mercedes Kostucki is a true renaissance woman.  She is an award-winning author, clothing designer, chef, actor, and professional speaker. And, she is transgender. The 2011 UK Business Speaker of the Year runner-up is a vibrant, charismatic presenter who shares her story of transition – the challenges and successes.  As businesses embrace a culture that values diversity and inclusion, Noam makes complex and controversial conversations seem simple and accessible. As a business owner, Noam offers a human approach to entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, branding and well-being in the workplace. Shas spoken at over 100 international conferences, including at Harvard University, TED and for governments of the Netherlands, Costa Rica and Pakistan. She believes in integrating logic and magic. 

Noam can present in English, French and Spanish. 

Sample Topics:

“TRANSGRESSION: Celebrating Feminity in Men”

“Understanding the Alphabet People – What To Make of Gender Fluid, Non-Binary, Queer and Trans People”

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"The Enchanted Brand is a mind-expanding look at the role brands can play in our new world.  It provides a powerful reflection on challenges facing humanity right now and a toolkit for building brands that empower the human side of business for a better world.”

Jonah Berger, Marketing Professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

"Jane understands brands, knows brands, and loves brands! Her special gift is knowing how they meet people, because she studies and understands people’s feelings and how they evolve. "

David Bell, Advertising Hall of Fame, Chairman of the Interpublic Group