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Professional Development

As a Disruption Futurist®, Joel helps companies predict and prepare for their future.

As a hedge fund manager, Joel bets on companies, real estate, and cryptocurrency.

As a strategist, Joel leverages his proprietary profit formula to find trends, analyze the future, pick winners & losers, and suggest which assets to bet on.

As a storyteller, Joel shares his days as a professional blackjack player to convey decision making, disruptive business trends, and high-level strategy to leaders in a wide variety of industries.

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Reviews for Joel Block

“He seems clairvoyant, but Joel is not a prognosticator. He digests information and returns ingenuous and straightforward insights, in easily understandable language.”

Matt Zembruski, CEO, Juti, LLC

“Not only was Joel’s message powerful and inspiring, but it was particularly empowering for our audience of female entrepreneurs. Joel is a champion for kick-ass women leaders.” 

Holly Anne Mitchell, CEO, The LeadWell Network

“Joel’s presentation from the National Speakers Association’s main stage, a coveted slot, was one of the most inspiring speeches I’ve ever heard. Hire him! You will be glad you did.” 

Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D., CEO, The Institute for High-Character Leadership