Project Description

Joel is an Advantage Player™. A blackjack expert, he consistently beat casinos. Joel personifies the skills and attitudes of Advantage Play™ from participating in dozens of deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars – sometimes in his venture capital or hedge fund firms, to advising companies, to the sale of his own publishing startup to a Fortune 500, and on stages worldwide. Joel turns your leaders into Advantage Players™ by distilling the most disruptive business trends fueled by his arsenal of strategies to tackle them. His systems find “the wave” before most people notice the water is swelling. Joel weighs trends, shifts in momentum, and estimates odds – before betting on outcomes.

Pragmatic, Joel helps leaders see what others aren’t seeing, take actions others aren’t taking, and

think in ways others aren’t thinking. And he’s not afraid to tell the emperor what he thinks of his clothes.

Sample Topics:

  • Navigating Disruptive Business Trends and the Power Strategies to Leverage Them
  • How a Venture Capitalist/Hedge Fund Manager Places His Bets – Hedge Fund Manager Shows You How the Pros Beat the System
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“Not only was Joel’s message powerful and inspiring, but it was particularly empowering for our audience of female entrepreneurs. Joel is a champion for kick-ass women leaders.”

Holly Anne Mitchell, CEO, The LeadWell Network

“Joel’s presentation from National Speakers Association’s main stage, a coveted slot, was one of the most inspiring speeches I’ve ever heard. Hire him! You will be glad you did.”

Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D., CEO, The Institute for High-Character Leadership

“He seems clairvoyant, but Joel is not a prognosticator. He digests information and returns ingenuous and straightforward insights, in easily understandable language.”

Matt Zembruski, CEO, Juti, LLC

“Few people have a business mind like Joel’s – and scores of executives wish they would have listened more carefully and followed his advice.”

Lester Friedman, CEO, Great American Group