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Gary Sheely is an author, trainer and professional speaker.  His passion is helping organizations take proactive steps toward reducing the risk of workplace violence.  His programs focus on creating safe, more engaged workplace cultures, and training leaders how to constructively confront undesirable behavior, preserve relationships during conflict, and defuse angry people to gain their cooperation without threats or force.

Gary has published four books, including his latest, “Safe at Work:  How Smart Supervisors Reduce the Risk of Workplace Violence.”

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What Is In Your Life’s Blueprint?

Reflecting on his time as a student at South Philadelphia Pennsylvannia’s Barrett Middle School, TEDxIntrepidAveED Studio speaker Jimmy White IV shares painful memories of his youth. In his talk, he shares the discovery of his purpose and echos the call to action for each listener to develop a life’s blueprint as originally expressed by Dr. Martin Luther King to students at Jimmy’s almamater.

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