Project Description

Charles Sidman founded and directs ECS Capital Partners. He is a cofounder of the American Angel Capital Association, past president of Crowdfunding Professional Association, frequent advocate and speaker on financial, entrepreneurship, policy and ethical issues globally, enthusiastic participant in numerous investment and professional organizations, and 2018 Special Recognition Honoree of EBAN.   He supports early-stage companies through Angel investing, VC, Crowdfunding and public markets.  Dr. Sidman retired as Professor of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology from U. Cincinnati’s College of Medicine.  His education includes PhD (Immunology) from Harvard, MBA (Management) from U. Cincinnati, and sabbatical study (Complex Systems) at Santa Fe Institute.

Sample Presentations:

  • “Early-Stage Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Why These Matter and How Everyone Can Participate and Benefit”
  • “Reducing the Temperature: Disagreeing while Respecting the Other” 
  • “Individuals within Evolution and Complex Systems: Taking a Broader View”
  • “Ethics as a Practical Skill, not a Point of View”
  • “Technical and Social Implications for the Future of Humanity, as seen in the Age of COVID”
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“The Enchanted Brand is a mind-expanding look at the role brands can play in our new world.  It provides a powerful reflection on challenges facing humanity right now and a toolkit for building brands that empower the human side of business for a better world.”

Jonah Berger, Marketing Professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

“Jane understands brands, knows brands, and loves brands! Her special gift is knowing how they meet people, because she studies and understands people’s feelings and how they evolve. “

David Bell, Advertising Hall of Fame, Chairman of the Interpublic Group