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Executive Coaching

Thought leader and author Anthony Metten holds the secret to a more efficient, empowered, and engaged office dynamic. It’s personal evolution, and it is fundamental to professional growth.

Metten’s game-changing philosophy encompasses his experiences as a Senior Vice President at one of the financial industry’s largest global institutions, and as an acclaimed career coach with these two-in-the-trenches perspectives fortified by accessible and practical principles of psychology. His presentations are bold, entrancing, and driven by results.

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Ted Talks

Individuation: What if who you are, isn’t who you are?

What if who we are isn’t really who we are? Everyone knows about puberty, but not many know about the same process we go through when we’re older. What is this process? Individuation. Anthony Metten is a high school dropout who became a bank executive. That was until he stopped trying to please others and quit his job for full time education at age 44. He’s now a Professional Certified Coach, part of the International Coach Federation and has a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Career Development.

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