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Healthcare Speaker

Angela Mulrooney is a former professional dentist who lost her ability to practice after a career-ending injury. She has now rebranded herself and uses her knowledge of the field to help others succeed.

She works with professionals in small businesses as well as entrepreneurs in massive corporations in order to get them noticed as the go-to expert of their industry, all while maintaining their authenticity.

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Reviews for Angela Mulrooney

“I attended Angela’s Put your Marketing on Steroids seminar. The time flew by, and I was feverishly taking notes on my laptop the whole time. She’s an incredible speaker, a very good storyteller and the value that she has in her message is second to none. I would recommend, if you get an opportunity, to go see her speak.”

Blaine Sato, Reppy

“I was completely captivated and speechless during the entire presentation of Warrior Up! not to mention the copious tears that were flowing. Such a beautiful soul and such an important message. We’ve all had dark places from time to time. Her inspiration is beyond words. I just want to see her rise and rise and spread this valuable message to everyone she comes across.” 

Theresa Parker, Sheppar