Project Description

Stephanie D. McKenzie is an Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Teacher, former college educator, Bestselling Author, and Multi-Certified Coach helping high-achieving individuals shift into more money, love, and purpose empowered by the rallying cry, “always be your own superhero!” Stephanie is also a recovering people pleaser and openly shares this journey with the goal of inspiring others.

As a non-traditionally accomplished Black woman, she has the experience of empowering the marginalized. That is the epicenter of the next significant waves of innovation and inspiration, both of which are a requirement for 21st-century success in both the corporate realm in personal growth/development.

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Ted Talks

Lessons from Being Vulnerable and Loving Kryptonite.

Stephanie D. McKenzie empowers humans to be superheroes in their own right. In a transparent, yet relatable talk, she shares a powerful paradigm shift in our understanding of “kryptonite” and provides an opportunity to unlearn beliefs around vulnerability and weakness.

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Reviews for Stephanie

Stephanie McKenzie taught us that self-care is about more than just treating myself. It is about making time for myself. Making time to attend to myself, is not to be a special event… my life is the event, and I need to properly nurture the path I want to take. This means saying no when I am overwhelmed and cannot take on another task. It was well worth the experience, and I appreciate her and the wisdom she shared so much.

Jay Largaespada, Houston Community College NW-System SGA President & HCC USC Vice President

Stephanie gave our students a fresh, energetic perspective on how to face obstacles and move beyond to a brighter future. She is engaging, honest, and real. We were thrilled with her sharing of her time and talents at the UHD Fall 2021 COMM Studies Speaker Event. She is the best!

Bridget Mueller, University of Houston Downtown

From the first 10 mins of talking with Stephanie, I knew she was just the kind of partner we look for at DivInc. She’s business-minded with such a depth of experience, and she wraps all of that together with a human, almost a soul-first approach to coaching. Being aligned versus hustling without the right reasons, bringing our full selves to our roles and companies, and humanizing your brand to invite others into the journey with you are just a few lessons I and our cohort members have enjoyed working on with Stephanie D. McKenzie.

Brooke Turner, Vice-President of Programs, Div, Inc.